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You’ll find the eHealth Connector with all its applications and functionalities on GitLab.

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eHealth Connector Convenience API
Java demo
Javascript demo
.Net demo

Architecture of the eHealth Connector


Where should I start?

To get started we recommend the demo applications. An ideal use case for demo purposes is the laboratory exchange format (DemoLREP). This shows how the eHealth Connector can be used to generate, save, reload, update and validate example documents. DemoDocSource and DemoDocConsumer are good demos for document transfer.

Who’s involved?

GitHub also provides detailed background information related to this question.

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Project team

In the “ehc-implementors” Google group you can talk with other Connector users. In the eHealth Connector interest group you can actively contribute to the ongoing development of the Connector. Contact the IHE Suisse business office.

If you are a member of IHE Suisse, you have access to eHealth Connector runtimes (convenience API and demo programs in Java und .Net) in the protected members’ area. Others can compile runtimes themselves using the checklists.