About us

How it all began

The initiative for the eHealth Connector open source project came from a Swiss GP who was looking for an easy way of integrating standardised CDA documents with his practice software. He managed to team up with IHE Suisse and eHealth Suisse, two partners who are also working to achieve connected healthcare by way of standards. After two years of conceptual work, the first release of the eHealth Connector was published in April 2015. Since then a number of new quality-assured releases of the eHealth Connector have been made available every year.

And now?

The eHealth Connector is primarily driven by the users and developers of the eHealth Connector interest group (IG). IHE Suisse and eHealth Suisse are members of the interest group, which is open to any person and organisation interested.

The eHealth Connector interest group

Currently the following organisations are members of the interest group:

If you’re interested in joining the interest group, please contact the IHE Suisse business office to make the agreement.